On a sweltering hot Bank Holiday Monday, the Ruff Diamonds arrived at Halefield Stud to find Sara and Sarah beautifully set up on their campsite with the kettle on and breakfast awaiting us. With time to stretch our legs, we had time to talk tactics and watch some racing before our turn in the ring. This was our first UK Flyball League Tournament, so the rules were a little different, but fortunately Sara who recently qualified as a Judge was able to fill us in.


Ava had just completed 50km of walking in the Brecon Beacons, but was still full of energy and raced as our first dog. Flynn was on flying form and Pepsi made sure everyone knew she was in the ring! Delilah & Ralf ran their socks off and Arthur, our newest addition raced brilliantly without fault. Sara was also judging a Little League Division, as well as racing Arthur, so she had a very busy day. The rest of us were able to relax in the shade of the new enormous gazebo.

Our day in the sun was completed by the Ruff Diamonds being awarded First Place in their Division! As only our second tournament, we were really pleased with our wonderful dogs, who always give their utmost.

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