Sara French

Sara is a very experienced dog trainer and is one of two trainers we have at Ruff Diamonds.  Sara has been involved in flyball for 11 years and has a real passion for difficult or ‘reactive’ dogs.  She has been instrumental in training and teaching dogs who would not be accepted into other clubs for training.  Sara has a unique understanding of the needs of dogs and trains their owners to pick up on these signals, developing the communication and understanding between dog and human.

Sara owned her first dog at age 11 years old – a 6 month old Labrador who was too boisterous for her original family.  She trained her in the garden every day before her meal and it wasn’t too long before she was shouted at by a neighbour.  Sara says “I never learned if that person hated dogs, children or repeated noise but I did learn that dogs generally have very good hearing and often learn better if you don’t talk”.

Like many people, Sara started flyball by accident – she was looking for an agility class and was sent to Wimbledon common where she discovered a local Wimbledon flyball team that was just starting.

When Sara is not leading Ruff Diamonds Flyballers to victory she can be found playing ‘bicycle polo’.

IMG_6544Sara receives her UKFL certification