The Ruff Diamonds RVs had their first proper outing at Ardingly Showground on 1st July, when Sara, Selina, Harriet and Sarah camped out the night before the tournament. Sara showed off her new “judges” hat and Selina’s dog Pepsi managed to wolf down one entire steak, straight off the barbecue! Sleep was interrupted at 4am by music from a nearby festival, but a good breakfast sorted everyone out and we were all ready to race our two teams “Ruff Diamonds” (Open) and “Ruff Runners” (Intermediates). Fortunately the tournament was held in the cool very large open barn.

At the last minute Ruff Diamonds had to run NFC, but did well nevertheless, coming fourth and our Ruff Runners romped home with a very creditable Third Place. Another fun but rather hot day out!


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