Flyball is a high energy sport for any dog, any breed, any size. Dogs enjoy the mental and physical stimulation of flyball, as do the handlers!

We are  based in South West London and train most Saturday mornings, off the A3, just two minutes south of the Robin Hood Roundabout on the Commons Extension Sports Ground.

Our trainers, Leila and Sara, have many years flyball as well as other dog handling experience and enjoy a challenge. The Club is registered with the British Flyball Association and the UK Flyball League.

As you work with your dog, the learning, communication and understanding  between you develops.  Flyball can be a great way to focus the energies of exuberant dogs. We are very happy to work with dogs who are perceived to have ‘issues’.

As well as training we compete regularly, do demonstrations and various dog-related things. It’s great to come home with a rosette, however, winning is not our sole focus, enjoyment for dog and human is also very important. Moreover the health and well-being of our dogs is always paramount.