Leila Richardson

Leila generously gives her time up to train the Ruff Diamonds dogs each week.  Leila finds no dog a challenge and can quickly spot the sort of training a dog needs to bring out its best.


In 2002  Leila started working at a kennels and rehomed a dog that had training and behavioural issues. Because of this, she went on to complete dog training instructors courses and dog behaviour courses.

Leila discovered flyball quite by accident – she moved to a new area and was walking her dog one day and saw a club training.  Originally she joined for the social side but her club at the time recognised her training skills.

Leila has been doing flyball for about 7 years, 5 of which she has been instructing.  She has always enjoyed teaching, whether it be dog obedience, agility, flyball or even teaching kids to ride horses.

Leila is passionate about rescue and rehabilitation of dogs and believes that if the training is done right, it can have a huge positive effect on the dog and their owner’s lives.

When Leila is not training flyball, she is doing all things dogs! Dog walking, dog training, dog cuddles and will sometimes squeeze in some time with the husband…and the dog!


Leila with her rescue dog Molly