We are now a third of the way through our new starters training course and already there are superstars on the horizon.  With a really good mix of dogs, from collies, terriers, whippets to cocker spaniels, it’s great to see that irrespective of the breed, all dogs can do and have a great time doing flyball.

Today’s session focussed on play – teaching the dogs that bringing that ball back means playtime!  Our new starters did a great job exciting their dogs with a game of tug as a reward for retrieving the ball.

Our resident super shy boy Benji is coming along nicely, getting used to people and learning that he can have fun as he does.  Woody our new collie, is one to watch if you can keep your eyes on him, as is Dotty, who is super fast.  Izzie continues to impress us all with her speed and agility, whilst Logan the terrier smiles as he flies over the jumps and Pickle the spaniel is coming along brilliantly, whilst barking with excitement. Buddy, our resident ‘oodle’ continues to improve each session and showed that even though food is still really interesting, so is the ball!  Marlow had to miss games yesterday as he had a sore tummy and Ned’s owner was ill, but we hope they can be back next week.

Well done all!

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