It’s only our second Ruff Diamonds Flyball Christmas, but what a difference a year, a bunch of enthusiastic flyballers and our very talented dogs makes.  This Christmas we started with a Christmassy training, with a competition for the best dressed.  It was a tough call by our judge Elizabeth, but in the end the honours went to Sarah and Delilah, who proudly showed off their home-made Christmas outfit.  Meanwhile….back at the ranch, Elizabeth’s canine pal Dotty had herself tucked under a duvet recovering from a shoulder injury.  Get better Dotty!  Back to the main event, well done Sarah and Delilah, you will be the ones to beat next year.

2018-12-08 11.01.24

But wait!!  A competition is only a competition with competitors….and a tough one it was…

But wait!! Cookie found Ralf’s outfit at the last minute… and well…Brexit is Brexit, the competition was done and dusted, but it was impressive to say the least with flashing lights and tight border control, we must give them a special mention!


Right.  On to the evening.  We all went home to recover from this mornings’ festivities only to be back at it in the evening.  This year we were lucky enough to score the 19th Wimbledon Scout hall for our party thanks (again to Elizabeth’s family). The Sara(h)’s all got together under Selina’s organised eye to pull up trumps at organising a fabulous night.  The hall was beautifully decked out in Christmas come Ruff pink decorations.  With the booze flowing the food arrived, followed by the creamiest, most delicious cheesecake ever tasted and the most sumptuous crumble and custard.  Fat and merry we moved on to the games, which turned out to be hilarious as we attempted to turn ourselves into reindeers (who even dreamed up this game). We all left winners after a game of ‘steal their present’ (who knows its real name)…..anyway, it was hilarious and a lot of fun.

Special thanks to everyone who helped make this event great.

Bring on 2019.  A big welcome to our new joiners Emma and Craig with their super fast height dog Dave, and Derek and Russell with the enthusiastic and lovely Nandi, we hope your flyball journey is a fun one.

Merry Christmas to all.


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